Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

New gift vouchers are available in 2 designs ‘Christmas’ or ‘Regular and can now be sent via email (Save the trees 💚). Postage still available for a small fee. For enquiries about a voucher please email

(Vouchers only redeemable with given code)

The Keswick Cup

We recently discovered that the compostable takeaway cups we were using are treated no differently to any other waste in the disposal process, therefore defeating the object of a compostable disposable and not having the positive environmental impact we had hoped for.

We have therefore taken the decision to stop using single use take away cups within The Square Orange and are introducing a reusable cup scheme for our take away drinks which goes something like this –

Keswick cup

BUY one of our lovely, bamboo fibre e-coffee cups for the bargain price of £6 and continuously bring back your cup to enjoy all the speciality hot drinks the Square Orange has to offer.

PAY A DEPOSIT of £6 and takeaway one of our lovely, bamboo fibre e-coffee cups. Once you have finished with it, just pop it back to the Orange and we will give you your deposit back.

Once your cup has given up the ghost (following excessive consumption of delicious hot drinks) you can either freepost it back to e-coffee where they will recycle it or you can bring it back the Orange and we will do it for you.

It is our hope that other like-minded businesses will follow suit if it is viable for them to do so. Having a number of businesses in Keswick doing the same thing, would create an opportunity for a generic ‘Keswick Cup’ which could be returned to any participating establishment for deposit reimbursement and continued use.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”