Hot Stuff

Our speciality coffee menu is served the only way we know how; with passion, care and attention to detail. Our house coffee blend is carefully sourced and roasted within days of reaching your cup, so it is always at its very best. In addition to this we offer a rotating Cumbrian guest roast so you can try some of the more unusual blends that our local roasters have to offer. 

If coffee isn’t your thing no problem, we have a range of loose leaf teas and a velvety Italian hot chocolate that will make you go weak at the knees.

Hot Drinks

The Bar
At the Orange we do our best to support our local suppliers and with an abundance of high quality, local microbreweries, why wouldn’t we? These regularly alternating local ales teamed with our stronger continental beer selection provide you with an eclectic beer tasting experience for all palates.

If it is spirits that you are after then you will not be disappointed with our extensive spirit and liquor selection. We often have new additions to try out and pride ourselves on providing an unforgettable gin and tonic whether that be of the more traditional calibre or the newer and fruitier variety. These spirits are also featured in our tasty cocktail menu which boasts fresh and quirk ingredients to really get the taste buds going not to mention our “Cocktail of the Moment” for the more daring individual.




We are proud to introduce our new range of Italian wines. Sourced directly from small family run vineyards in Tuscany and Puglia they really are cracking and something a little different from the usual offerings. These are served alongside our carefully chosen and taste tested standard wines which never fail to satisfy our weary customers after a long day at the office or on the hill.

Our commitment to ethical trading

We are committed to ethical trading without compromising the quality of our products. Our tea, coffee and sugar are ethically sourced and we have fair-trade hot chocolate and wine on request.

In addition to this we are continually looking for ways to improve our environmental impact. We now serve our takeaway drinks in biodegradable cups and only use biodegradable straws.