Our crazily small but perfectly formed kitchen serves a mouth-watering range of dishes regardless of its size. Whether you are looking for a light snack, a selection of tapas or a delicious stone baked pizza, you will never go hungry in the ‘Squorange’. Alongside our regular menu, we offer continually changing ‘Dishes of the Moment’ to keep you on your toes as well as sumptuous sweet treats that team perfectly with our hot drinks menu.

So why not call in to sample some European Flavour whilst you are in Keswick, the gentleman below was certainly pleased he had –

“I was eating the thinnest, sweetest pizza with the creamiest cheese topping nestled amongst a tangy tomato sauce when she tried to take more than she was entitled to. Now most pizzas are best used to keep your feet from slipping in your boots, so the Square Orange delight was a revelation and not one to share not even with my beloved. I gripped my fork, my knuckles turning white. My elbows spread out to keep her away and I was winning the battle until she attacked me in a very personal place and she snatched a whole slice” Chuffer Review